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Centered near the top of the building is the Great Seal of the University.
Above each of the three doors at the entrance appear three inscriptions.

The Great Seal
Sigillum Universitatis Sti. Joannis Neo-Eboraci
(The Seal of St. John’s University, New York)

The inner circle of Greek text is Jesus’ praise of St. John the Baptist, “He was the lamp, burning and shining” (John V:35)

1870 is the year in which St. John’s University was founded.

The center shows three closed books surmounted by a burning lamp symbolizing the educational aims of the University. Religio (Religion), Humanitas (Culture) and Scientia (Knowledge). The burning lamp is also symbolic of St. John the Baptist, patron of the University.


Verbum Dei
Non Est Alligatum

“The Word of God is not Bound”
Timothy II 2:9
Tolle Lege

“Take up and Read”
St. Augustine “Confessions”
Et Deus
Erat Verbum

“And the Word was God”
St. John 1:1


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