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Drama Criticism. (Ref. PN 1601 D59

As of 1999 this publication has resulted in about 9 volumes. Each volume in the series has a cumulative author and title index for all previous volumes.

The advantage of this publication is that it contains significant excepts from the works included and frequently includes the full-text of the criticisms and evaluations included

The following is an example of how to include this item in a work cited list.

Esslin, Martin. "Chekhov and the Modern Drama" Drama Criticism 9. 109- Ed. Lawrence J. Trudeau. Gale Publishing: Detroit. 1999. Reprinted from A Chekhov Companion. Ed. Toby W. Clyman. Greenwood Press:1985. pp 135-145.

Drama Criticism. (Ref. Z 1231.D7 C6)

Volume 1 includes criticisms written since 1940 of English and American plays.

Volume 2 includes criticisms written since 1940 of classical and continental plays.

Dramatic Criticism Index. (Ref. Z 5781 B8)

This excellent publication contains over 12,000 entries on more than 300 American and foreign playwrights mostly from the 20th century. It is organized alphabetically by playwright then by title of play. In addition to criticisms and evaluation of individual plays, there are frequent references to more general works about a playwright.

Magill's bibliography of Literary Criticism (Ref. Z 6511 M3 4 vols)

While over 20 years old it is an excellent source of literary criticisms including many on plays and playwrights.

American Drama Criticism. (Ref Z 1231 D7P3) Includes the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Contemporary Black American Playwrights and their Plays. (Ref PS 153.N5P43)

Classical Greek and Roman drama : an annotated bibliography. (Ref. Z7018.D7 F67 1989)

Shakespeare: a selective bibliography of modern criticism. (Ref. Z 8811.W85 1988)

Most of the criticisms in this publication were written between 1900 and 1985.


Browsing the shelves in the areas indicated by the above call numbers may find similar books of criticisms and analysis.


Please note that many of the books in Ref. Z 8000 to Ref. Z 8999 may contain references to criticism and analysis and are, in large part, arranged alphabetically by an author's last name.



The following multi-volume sets are excellent sources of criticisms and analysis for a range of literary genre. Each is a multi-volume set and each volume cummulates the contents of the previous volumes and the other volumes which are listed below. Thus, the last volume in each series contains an index of all the volumes printed so far. These volumes contain excerpts (and in some cases the full-text of criticism) from journals and books.

Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism (Ref. PN 86.C53 multi-vols)

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800 (Ref. PN 86.L53 multi-vols)

Nineteenth-century Literature Criticism (Ref. PN 761 .N5 multi-vols)

Twentieth-century Literary Criticism. (Ref. PN 771 .T9 multi-vols)

Covers authors who died between 1900 and 1960.

Contemporary Literary Criticism (Ref. PN 771 .C59 multi-vols)

Covers authors living from 1960 to the present.


 MLA International Bibliography Index.

Computer Database available on the Library's Web Page.

(Note. This index is also available in print in the Reference Room Index Area.)

The database indexes international scholarly materials on modern language, literature, linguistics, and folklore. Covering 1963 to the present, the MLA International Bibliography includes 1.3 million citations from over 3,000 journals and series, monographs, working papers and conference proceedings.

Following are some suggestions for creating your search statement.


Will retrieve


Documents containing the word hemingway

Critic* and moliere and drama*

Documents containing both the words Critic, critics, critical, criticism etc. and moliere and drama. This should find articles criticizing the plays of .

Criticism or reviews

Documents containing either the word criticism or the word reviews or both words. The search operator OR broadens the search, retrieving more documents.

Stage realism

Stage realism and (miller or williams)

documents containing the phrase learning disability.

documents containing the phrase stage realism and the words miller or williams.

modern near drama

documents with the word modern in the same sentence as the word drama. Either word can appear first.

modern with drama

containing the word modern and the word drama in the same field. Either word can appear first.


Will retrieve


modern drama in ti

Documents or articles containing the words modern drama in the title of the article or document.


Will-george in au

Documents or articles written by George Will. Note the dash between names - it is required.

Exact author names can be found in the INDEX. Use of the Index is highly recommended

Privatization in de

Documents containing articles described as being about privatization.


modern- drama in so and realism


Documents containing articles in the magazine modern drama about realism.

Note the dash between the words in the title of the magazine - it is required.

Exact journal names can be found in the INDEX. Use of the Index is highly recommended.



Truncation and wildcards allow you to retrieve variations of your search term when you construct searches.


Will retrieve


Catatonic, catatonia, category, etc.


draft and draught



UMI Proquest Computer Database available on the Library's Web Page.

This is a general periodical index but may have recent criticisms and evaluations on your authors or short stories.


Will Find

miller and critic#

Articles on the author Miller with words such as critic, critics, critical, criticism. They may contain criticisms and evaluations of the plays of miller. If you don't find enough information try varying the search.



Searching the Library's Catalog for drama Criticism

Home page of the Library:

To find books in the SJU library containing drama criticisms and evaluations the following searches are suggested. If you don't find what you want after using them please consult with a librarian at the Reference Desk on the first floor of the library. The following examples use the author Poe and the genre short-stories but you may substitute your own author and genre.


Will Find

Poe critic# short stor#

Books on the author Poe with words such as critic, critics, critical, criticism and short-story or short stories. They may contain criticisms of the short-stories of Poe. If you don't find enough try varying the search.

Poe critic#

Poe short stor#


Poe biograph#

Biographies about Poe.

Substitute the name of your author in the above examples.


# is a truncation symbol. In the example above for critic# - the search is asking to find all words that begin with the letters c r i t i c . This retrieves words such as critics, critical, criticism, criticisms.