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Poetry Criticism. (Ref. PN 1010 P62)

As of 1999 there are about 22 volumes in this series. Each volume in the series
has a cumulative author and title index for all previous volumes. The advantage
of this publication is that it contains significant excerpts of criticisms and,
in many cases, contains the full-text of others.

The following is an example of how to cite a review found in this publication.

Stewart, Maaja A. "The Country House Ideals in
Meredith's 'The Egoist'." Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism 43.
Ed. Laurie DiMauro. Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1992. 291-295.
Reprinted from Nineteenth-Century Fiction 32:4 Mar 1978: 420-41.

Poetry Explication. (Ref. Z 2014 P7 K8 1980)

An index to criticisms of British and American poems. Its organization is alphabetical
by poet, then by poem. A table of periodical abbreviations is found at the beginning
of the book. This book has been split into the publications listed below

Guide to British Poetry Explication. (Ref. Z2014 P7 M34 1991)

v1 Old English, medieval
v2 Renaissance
v3 Restoration-romantic
v4 Victorian-contemporary

Guide to American Poetry Explication (Ref. Z1231 P7 R66 1989) v1 Colonial and Nineteenth Century
v2 Modern and Contemporary

An Index to Criticisms of British and American Poetry. (Ref PR 89 C5 1973)

The Explicator. (2nd Floor Periodicals) A quarterly journal devoted to the
interpretation of literary works including poetry.

The Explicator Cyclopedia. (Ref. PR401 .E9) Selected articles from The Explicator
(see immediately above) from 1942 to 1962 are included.

v1 Modern Poetry
v2 Traditional Poetry: Medieval to Late Victorian

Critical Survey of Poetry. 8 volumes. (Ref PR 502 C85 1982)
Critical Survey of Poetry : foreign language series (Ref PN1021 .C7 1984)

The first title above covers English language poets, the second covers poets worldwide. While individual poems are discussed in this series its primary purpose is to analyze the overall style of a poet and uses excerpts from individual poems to accomplish this. It is a good source for an overview of a particular poet.




The books listed above are but a few of the many books in the Library
which provide criticisms and interpretations of poetry. Please link
to the Reference Department's Guide to Searching the Catalog
to find additional materials to help you with your paper.

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