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Short Story Criticism. (Ref. PN 3321 S5). This title is indexed at: Gale's Literary Index

This publication started in 1988 and has resulted in about 3 volumes per year. Each volume in the series has a cumulative author and title index for all previous volumes.

The advantage of this publication is that it contains the full-text of many of the reviews included and lengthy abstracts of the others..

The following is an example of how to cite a review found in this publication.

Stewart, Maaja A. "The Country House Ideals in Meredith's 'The Egoist'." Twentieth-Century Literary Criticism 43. Ed. Laurie DiMauro. Detroit: Gale Research Inc., 1992. 291-295. Reprinted from Nineteenth-Century Fiction 32:4 Mar 1978: 420-41.

Twentieth Century Short Story Explication. (Ref. Z 5917 S5W33)

The third edition of this publication has five supplements - and fortunately - a cumulative index to all six volumes. It is called:
Twentieth Century Short Story Explication. Index to the 3rd edition and its five supplements. (Ref. Z 5917 S5W33s)

A NEW SERIES has been published to continue the excellent work of the previous volumes.
Twentieth Century Short Story Explication. New Series. (Ref. Ref. Z 5917 S5W35)

This venerable series is one of the most valuable contributions to short-story criticism available. It includes many criticisms of lesser known authors and stories. It provides references to criticisms found in other sources.

Its arrangement is alphabetical by author, then by the title of the short-story.

Be aware that the SJU library has purchased very few of the instructor manuals referred to in this publication. I advise that you ignore them unless you are truly desperate.

The early editions of this publication can be difficult as there are few guides to help you. The reference librarians at the front desk will be able to give you assistance in the use of this publication.


MLA International Bibliography

The MLA Bibliography is available for use in both print and computer formats. (The computer searchable index is available to SJU students and faculty)

(Note. This index is also available in print in the Reference Room Index Area.)

The database indexes international scholarly materials on modern language, literature, linguistics, and folklore. Covering 1963 to the present, the MLA International Bibliography includes 1.3 million citations from over 3,000 journals and series, monographs, working papers and conference proceedings.

Following are some search examples.


Will retrieve


Documents containing the word hemingway

Critic* and poe and short-stor*

Documents containing both the words Critic, critics, critical, criticism etc. and poe and short-story or short-stories. This should find articles criticism the short-stories of Edgar Allan Poe.

Criticism or reviews

Documents containing either the word criticism or the word reviews or both words. The search operator OR broadens the search, retrieving more documents.

Learning disability

Learning disability and (mathematics or arithmetic)

documents containing the phrase learning disability.

documents containing the phrase learning disability and the words mathematics or arithmetic.

Dyslexia near child

documents with the word dyslexia in the same sentence as the word child. Either word can appear first.

Computer with careers

containing the word computer and the word career in the same field. Either word can appear first.


Will retrieve


Health education in ti

Documents or articles containing the words health education in the title of the article or document.


Will-george in au

Documents or articles written by George Will. Note the dash between names - it is required.

Exact author names can be found in the INDEX. Use of the Index is highly recommended

Privatization in de

Documents containing articles described as being about privatization.


Clinical-psychologist in jn and deafness

In some databases:

So is used - not jn

Documents containing articles in the magazine clinical psychologist about deafness.

Note the dash between the words in the title of the magazine - it is required.

Exact journal names can be found in the INDEX. Use of the Index is highly recommended.



Truncation and wildcards allow you to retrieve variations of your search term when you construct searches.


Will retrieve


Catatonic, catatonia, category, etc.


draft and draught




UMI Proquest Computer Database available on the Library's Web Page.

This is a general periodical index but may have recent criticisms on your authors or short stories.


Will Find

Poe and critic#

Articles on the author Poe with words such as critic, critics, critical, criticism. They may contain criticisms of the short-stories of Poe. If you don't find enough try varying the search.




Searching the Library's Catalog for Short-Story Criticism

Home page of the Library:

To find books in the SJU library containing short-story criticisms the following searches are suggested. If you don't find what you want after using them please consult with a librarian at the Reference Desk on the first floor of the library.


Will Find

Poe critic# short stor#

Books on the author Poe with words such as critic, critics, critical, criticism and short-story or short stories. They may contain criticisms of the short-stories of Poe. If you don't find enough try varying the search.

Poe critic#

Poe short stor#


Poe biograph#

Biographies about Poe.

Substitute the name of your author in the above examples.

# is a truncation symbol. In the example above for critic# - the search is asking to find all words that begin with the letters c r i t i c . This retrieves words such as critics, critical, criticism, criticisms.

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