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New When a Stranger Calls, From Afar or Nearby ... an internet phone service ...
Todras-Whitehill, Ethan
New York Times. (Late Edition:East Coast. New York, N.Y.: Mar 24, 2005 pg G1
Discusses SKYPE - an online telephone service. "A reason Skype is so popular is that it is free. Another is that it works."

What's Next: Big Screens to Come in Small Packages
Eisenberg, Anne
New York Times. (Late Edition:East Coast). New York, N.Y.: Mar 17, 2005. pg. G.8.
A light-weight screen which can be rolled around a pencil now a working prototype from Philips Polymer Vision, a division of Philips Electronics.

Data Point: Even While Instant Messaging, There's No Escaping Marketers
Tedeschi, Bob
New York Times. (Late Edition:East Coast). New York, N.Y.: Mar 17, 2005. pg. G.5.
Spim - unsolicited commercial instant messages - may soon be a problem

As We May Think
Vannevar Bush
Atlantic Monthly, July, 1945
Vanneavar Bush was Director of the Office of Scientific Research and Development during World War II. His comments then make fascinating reading.

Thanks to Cellhones, TV Screens Get Smaller
Robischon, Noah
New York Times. (Late Edition:East Coast). New York, N.Y.: Feb 15, 2005. pg. E.1 Requires Proquest subscription
One minute dramas are being created for the small screens found on cell phones. Already popular in parts of Asia and Europe, a complete series of these dramas can cost about $19.00 US.

Running late? Feed the meter by phone: Parking paid by cellphone is easy but may cost more.
Baig, Edward C.
USA Today; Feb 14, 2005; 3B;
Describes efforts by the University of California - Santa Barbara, to have parking fees paid by using your cell-phone. An account is established and when you want to park you dial the service and enter the parking spot number. It may be easier than finding a quarter.

Protests Powered by Cellphone
Patrick di Justo.
New York Times. (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Sep 9, 2004. pg. G.4 Requires Proquest subscription
Protestors at both the Boston and New York nominating conventions use SMS for monitoring where police are establishing barricades.

The world's text-messaging capital: why the Philippines, of all places, has developed a massive 'texting' culture
Marketing Magazine. Toronto: Dec 2, 2002.Vol.107, Iss. 48; pg. 8
Author(s): Pritchard, Chris
Publication title: Marketing Magazine. Toronto: Dec 2, 2002. Vol. 107, Iss. 48; pg. 8 Requires Proquest subscription

Political protesters hear call with text messaging ; Shifting people, changing tactics easier, quicker; [Chicago Final Edition]
Chicago Tribune. Chicago, Ill.: Aug 28, 2004. pg. 3
Author(s): Noah Shachtman, Special to the Tribune Requires Proquest subscription
Abstract (Document Summary) Protesters march through Boston at last month's Democratic National Convention. Text messaging kept leaders in touch. AP photo by Rick Bowmer. Demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention form a human chain outside the FleetCenter in Boston. Organizers used text messaging to provide alerts of police movements. Bloomberg photo by Mike Mergen.

Title: Young Cell Users Rack Up Debt, One Dime Message at a Time.
Authors: Foderano, Lisa W.
Source: New York Times; 1/9/2005, Vol. 154 Issue 53089, p1, 999p, 1c

Source: Billboard; 12/18/2004, Vol. 116 Issue 51, p39, 1/9p, 1c
Urban marketing company Swagger Wireless has a new way to entertain concertgoers before a show starts: in-venue text messaging. The new initiative, Holla at Ya Boyz, sets up a projection screen onstage 30 minutes prior to show time; the screen displays text messages sent to a special advertised number. Messages cost 99 cents, with billing done through ThumbPlay, a mobile content technology developer. Swagger says more than 100,000 messages were sent when Jay-Z used Holla at Ya Boyz on his last tour. Alicia Keys is expected to feature it on her tour slated to kick off in February.

Title: Take a Vacation from Your Blackberry.
Authors: Conlin, Michelle
Source: Business Week; 12/20/2004 Issue 3913, p56, 1p, 1c
Examines how digital communication devices, such as BlackBerrys and cellular phones, may increase stress and reduce productivity. How gadgets that claim to boost productivity often do the opposite and lead to errors; Link between multi-tasking and reduced productivity.

Title: Tapping into text.
Authors: Halpern, Michelle
Source: Marketing Magazine; 12/13/2004, Vol. 109 Issue 41, p9, 1/6p, 2c
The article focuses on the new Fastap LG 6190 developed by Telus Mobility. The wireless handset that contains keys for all 26 letters of the alphabet, in addition to standard numbers and signs. Teens and technology savvy marketers are already crazy about short message service or text messaging. In Canada, more than two million phone-to-phone text messages are sent every day, according to the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. The Yankee Group in Canada reports teens average more than 50 messages a month, compared to 30 for young adults and 19 for older adults.

Title: Pitcher & Piano to use SMS as part of loyalty drive.
Source: New Media Age; 12/2/2004, p4, 1/5p
This article reports on the mobile marketing campaign of the Pitcher & Piano bar group to increase customer loyalty in Great Britain in December 2004. The company is using Short Messaging Service to entice customers to return regularly, with a 12-week three-phase festive initiative also designed to boost visitor members at quieter times of the season. Phase one will target existing customers in Pitcher & Piano venues over the country, with a text-to-win holiday competition. Entrants will then be sent a thank-you text, which will flag up a microsite due to go live in the next two weeks. The microsite will further push Short Messaging Service registrations, and ask the user a series of questions regarding their socialising habits-enabling local bar managers to target them with relevant future offers. Another phase sees five bars in London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Bristol and Richmond targeted in the New Year. Mobile marketing agency Mindmatics is behind the campaign.

Authors: Quain, John R.
Source: PC Magazine; 11/30/2004, Vol. 23 Issue 21, p18, 1/3p
Abstract: The article presents the information that the traditional 411 Service is facing a new threat. Rather than dialing 411 from one's cell phone to look up a number or find an address, one could try two new short message service (SMS) programs that are offering free searches. One has to send a text query using SMS on a cell phone and a text reply will provide address and phone number listings. This service can amount to significant savings for people paying $1.25 to call 411. On many wireless plans, SMS services are essentially free. The king of search engines Google Inc. has launched the most extensive SMS 411 service called Google SMS. It provides addresses, phone numbers and restaurant listings. Shoppers can use this service to find out product prices, wordsmiths can look up definitions and diners can calculate tips. Synfonic also offers its own free 411 SMS service. One has to send the state and business name to 650-430-7183 and Synfonic will return a text message with the address and phone number. It can also suggest similar businesses nearby.


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