Desk Handouts
The following are links to handouts I use at the SJU reference desk as a follow-up to my conversations on the location and character of information resources. They all print to a one page handout.

Durable Links - a Guide to the databases - - - Lexis/Nexis Process

Google Tips
A listing of Google features with examples of how to make your Google searches as useful as possible.

Useful notes on RefWorks

Scholarly Journals?
A page to help you understand what your professor means with the phrase scholarly journal.

A program to help you avoid plagiarism.

SJU Links
A list of links of special use to SJU students and faculty.

Text Books
The Library, as a rule, does not buy the textbooks used for STJ classes - but do look - you'll occasionally find one.

ECO 2327
Class requirements for analyzing a company

Professor's notes!
Where to look when the professor tells students to go to the library for class notes.