Access to a “Professor’s Notes”


A professor's notes can be kept in a variety of places.  You will need to check with your professor as to the exact location of his/her notes. 

1 ===== WEB-CT
   Your web CT username and password.

Username: same as SJU username  firstname.lastnameyy

                                                yy=year first admitted to SJU

Password:  8 digit id on your Stormcard

You have access to WEB-CT both on and off campus.

2. ===== e-reserves
 Professor creates the password and should distribute this password to you in class.  You have access to e-reserves both on and off campus.

3. ===== S Drive
Professor assigns the password (not all professors require a password to their S Drive) and should distribute it to you in class.   You must be on campus and logged in with your username and password to gain access to the S Drive

4. ===== SJ Central
The username and password called for is the same as you would use to access your SJU email account.   You can access SJ Central both on and off campus.

5. ===== Facpub Pages
(Not all professors use a facpub page.)  Professor should supply the web address for these resources.   You have access to facpub pages both on and off campus.

6. ===== Reserve Room
Some notes are placed in printed form in the Reserve Room.  These can be found by searching for your professor's name, class number or name of item in the Reserve Section of the catalog.  Ask a librarian for assistance in searching for these items.   You only have access to the Reserve Room in the Library during the Library’s open hours.




Sep 17, 2003