Textbooks Used in STJ Courses



It is the policy of the University Libraries NOT to purchase text books used in STJ courses.But, occasionally one is purchased for some other reason.As a result the University Libraries own an extremely small number of the text books used in University courses.


But do search the Library Catalogs at http://libraries.stjohns.edu

for these textbooks Ė every once in a while youíll find one.


Text books are ordered by faculty members who may do so at the

††††††††† University Bookstore-(718) 990-6247

††††††††† EdísBookstore - (718) 969-7173


Textbooks can also be purchased at Barnes and Noble in Manhattan at 5th Ave and 18th Street.Call first to see if yours is in stock: 212-807-0099


Another source of textbooks is www.amazon.com

Amazon is likely to offer used-textbooks at considerable discount.The drawback here is that it may take a week or so before the textbook can be delivered.


Check with your professor to see if an older edition of the textbook would be sufficient.They are sometimes available at greatly reduced prices.


pcl Jan 18 2007 ††