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Evaluating Web Sites

Here is a brief summary of questions you should ask as you evaluate websites.

  • Who is responsible for the page?
    If there is no information about the author - be suspicious.

  • Is the author affiliated with a responsible organization?
    If not - what else might make the page trustworthy?

  • Does the page have a bias in its reporting of a topic?
    If so you may wish to find another authoritative source offering another point of view.

  • When was the page written?
    If not dated - be cautious.

  • Are there citations or references to other sources?
    If not - be wary of the webpage. You want to be able to verify the information you are going to use in your assignment.

  • The sites below offer more detailed evaluation techniques.

  • Library - Johns Hopkins University Library
  • Library - University of California -Berkeley
  • An educational alliance from Alberta Canada
  • Milner Library - Illinois State University
  • University Libraries - University at Albany - SUNY
  • The San Juan College Library

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