Financial Information

Financial Data

Financial data is perhaps the most important factor in analyzing any company or industry. It provides the information which reveals a company's fiscal soundness - and can suggest the future profitability of a company.

  • 10Ks - are a comprehensive annual reporting documents required of all public companies by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. While it can be useful to examine the 10K report itself, access to financial information is easier if you use the the financial databases listed below.
  • Annual Reports - The annual report is primarily a public relations document, will contain selected financial information as well as glowing reports by company officials.
  • Financial Data Bases The financial information contained in the 10k and annual reports can be more easily obtained by using the databases listed here.

  • Comparison Data - ratios, norms and averages - allow comparisons of one company to another and one or more companies to its industry.

  • Concentration Ratios - Measures the percentage of an industry that is produced by the 4, 8, 20 and 50 largest companies in the industry.

  • Subsidiaries - are companies a company owns
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