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Whether your assignment is to

  • investigate a company (is it a public or private company)
  • investigate an industry
  • compare one company to another
  • compare a company to an industry
  • you will need access to various types of information about the company or industry you are investigating. These include

  • Financial Data: income and expense - ratios - balance sheets; etc., (source: 10ks and annual reports).
  • Non-financial information: officers' biographies - company histories - competitors - subsidiaries - marketing information
  • Industry Information: strengths and weaknesses - codes - ratios
  • Miscellaneous Information: import and export information for additional information about opportunites and threats facing a company or industry,
  • News Reports: from magazines, journals, newswires and newspapers about a company or industry.
  • each of these elements provides information vital for you to complete your assignment about companies and or industries.