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America: History and Life

Historical Abstracts




Truncation and

Wild cards


Amer: Hist & Life

Historical Abstracts




and not


? = wildcard

* = truncation


Not supported in this database.

Selected Field Tags

Parenthesis ( )



Handled by the opening screen search boxes.



Yes - see notes.



Keyword searches search the ABSTRACT field.

Subject searches search the SUBJECT field.


Adjacent words in the Subject or Keyword search box are searched as two words

separated by an AND.


To search for an Author list the author lastname firstname in quotations as illustrated.


"Williams John" finds authors/editors John Williams with any middle name or initial.


Search Example: (adams or jefferson) and france and not franklin


Time-Period box. 1800H finds articles about the 1800s.

1810D about the decade 1810-19.


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