Comparison Color Charts: Both of these sites provide ready-to-copy code which you can paste into your html document to reproduce the results you see on the screen.
  • Color Comparison Chart. - Select from charts the color you want for what: Foreground, background, active link, link, followed link. 100 shades of grey are offered.
  • Another Color Page - Can't get enough of these. This is a good one to use when you're in a hurry.

General HTML Resources.

  • Basic Html Tags. - This is a listing of basic html codes used in workshops Brian Mikesell and Charles Livermore conducted for the Center for Teaching and Learning at SJU.
  • HTML tags. - A listing of basic and advanced html tagging.
  • David Magier's Web Pages. Mr. Magier is a librarian at Columbia University and consults on html. He has collected a wonderful variety of resources on html.
A page of background patterns to copy for your own pages.
  • Background Patterns - These should all be in the public domain - if you find that this is not the case please let me know so a pattern can be removed.

Special Effects

  • Dynamic Drive DHTML code library - Visit Dynamic Drive for free, original DHTML scripts and components, all of which utilize the latest in DHTML and JavaScript technology! The expanding circle on my homepage was found at Dynamic Drive as was the floating box at SJU

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