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The Halls of Ivy was a radio program which ran from 1949-1952. Its themes centered around the the joys and tribulations of being a college president (William Todhunter Hall) at Ivy College USA. (The Halls of Ivy. Don Quinn, the show's creator, loved puns.) I have fond memories of it, although for some reason I don't recall being able to listen to it on a regular basis - Boy Scouts or other social activities must have interfered. The show was adapted for television (1954) but I don't remember ever seeing it.

I must have been 12 or so when I first heard the show. The tune for the Alma Mater stuck with me and I remember William Todhunter Hall having problems finding the telephone.

Since then I've seen various radio shows (not Halls of Ivy) being made available on records or tape but at prices I didn't want to pay. Then came eBay. Old time radio (OTR) on cd in mp3 format availble with sometimes 100 programs for less than $5.00. WOW!!! My first purchases included the entire run of The Great Gildersleve and over 200 episode of The Lone Ranger. Then I found the "Halls of Ivy". Now I have listened to them all and find them enchanting. They hold up very well. Here is a sample episode - you judge for yourself. Halls of Ivy - Census.

The pilot episode starred Gale Gordon (the principal on the Our Miss Brooks show) as Hall, with Edna Best as his wife. Then the creator of the show, Don Quinn, remembered the funny and charminng English neighbors on the Jack Benny show - the Colemans. With this change the charm of "Halls of Ivy" was created.

Most shows opened:
(Announcer) The Joseph Shlitz brewing company of Milwaukee Wisconsin presents the Halls of Ivy staring Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Coleman.

(a brief commercial)

(Announcer) And now the Halls of Ivy.

(Chorus singing
Oh we love the halls of ivy
That surround us here today
And we will not forget thou
We be far far away

(Announcer) Welcome again to Ivy - Ivy College that is in the town of Ivy USA.

Ronald Coleman played Dr. William Todhunter Hall
Benita Hume (Mrs. Ronald Coleman) played Victoria Cromwell (former star of the English musical stage.
Herbert Butterfield played Clarence Wellman, the cantankerous Chairman of the Ivy Board

Alma Mater

Oh we love the halls of ivy
That surround us here today
And we will not forget thou
We be far far away

To the hallowed halls of Ivy
Every voice will bid farewell
And shimmer off in twilight
Like the old vesper bell

One day a hush will fall,
the footsteps of us all
Will echo down the hall and disappear.

But as we sadly start
Our journeys far apart
A part of every heart will linger here

In the sacred halls of ivy
Where we�ve lived and learned to know
That through the years we�ll see you
In the sweet afterglow.

Other versions of the song:

  • The Lettermen
  • Notre Dame Glee Club


    Pilot Episode 1949
    Jun 23 1949 Dr Hall's Reappointment (Stared Gordon and Best)

    Series Episodes 1950
    Jan 06 Dr Hall's Reappointment (Stared Mr and Mrs Coleman)
    Jan 13 Student Editorial
    Jan 20 The Gangster's Son
    Jan 27 Wellman's Nose Charter Day Ceremonies
    Feb 02 Dr Bromley, Shakespeare Expert
    Feb 10 The Snowman
    Feb 27 The Chinese Student
    Feb 24 Student Thief
    Mar 03 Merton Savada's Crush
    Mar 10 Victoria's New Review
    Mar 17 Dirty Politics
    Mar 24 Professor Gerhardt's Secret
    Mar 31 The Ivy Chamber Music and Knockwurst Society
    Apr 07 Toddy Plays Hookey
    Apr 14 Mrs Foster's Lost Dog
    Apr 21 Traffic and Cocoanuts
    Apr 28 The Scofield Prize
    May 05 Student Actress
    May 10 Mrs Whitney's Statue
    May 17 Dr Abel
    May 14 The Fighting Med Student
    May 31 The Sexton Award
    Jun 07 DDay
    Jun 14 Stolen First Edition
    Jun 21 The Bentheimers and the Census
    Jun 28 Faculity Raffle
    Jul 05 Poetry Reading
    Jul 21 Education Of Annie Bell
    Sep 27 The Leslie Hoff Painting
    Oct 04 The New English Teacher
    Oct 11 Phone Problems
    Nov 22 Jack Benny Visits Ivy

    Episodes 1951
    Jan 03 Professor Barrette's Play
    Jan 24 The Goya Bequest
    Jan 31 Professor Warren's Retirement
    Feb 28 The French Scholarship
    Mar 07 Eddie Gray's Wedding
    Apr 18 Romiette and Julio
    May 02 Champ Waterfield
    May 30 Finals Day Award
    Jun 13 Finals Season
    Jun 20 Pork Barrel Politics
    Oct 03 Adoption
    Oct 10 Editorial in the Ivy Bull
    Oct 17 Student Council Election
    Oct 31 Football Coach
    Nov 07 Halloween
    Nov 15 Don Quinn Interview
    Nov 21 The Minister's Son
    Nov 28 Professor Warren's Romantic Folly
    Dec 05 Calhoun Gaddy's Agricultural Development
    Dec 12 Professor Royce Returns
    Dec 26 Sweet Sorrow
    Episodes 1952
    Jan 02 Hell Week
    Jan 09 Nelson Carter's Son
    Jan 16 Art Exhibit
    Jan 23 Medal of Honor
    Jan 30 Track Star
    Feb 06 Glee Club Donation
    Feb 13 Dean Huxley
    Feb 20 Voice of the Ivy Vine
    Feb 27 Budget Problems
    Mar 05 The Astronomy Exam
    Mar 12 The Lame Girl and the Hypochondriac
    Mar 19 The Oldest Living Graduate
    Mar 26 Stolen Money
    Apr 02 Professor Grimes
    Apr 09 Faculity Marriage
    Apr 23 Professor Walden's Son
    Apr 30 Faculty Follies Part 1
    May 07 Faculty Follies Part 2
    May 14 Student Singer
    May 21 Doctor Spatzen
    May 28 Mummynapper
    Jun 04 Pregnant Student
    Jun 11 The Wellman's Come to Dinner
    Jun 18 Math Professor
    Jun 25 Summer Vacation

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