Little Orphan Annie


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Pictured are a Kellogg's Pep pinback with a portrait of Little Orphan Annie and a postcard issued by the U.S. Post Office.

Alongside the pinback is a link to listen to a complete episode of the radio show which starts with the Little Orphan Annie Song.

Little Orphan Annie
Listen and sing-a-long .

Who's that little chatter box?
The one with pretty auburn locks?
Whom do you see?
It's Little Orphan Annie.

She and Sandy make a pair,
They never seem to have a care!
Cute little she,
This Little Orphan Annie.

Bright eyes cheeks a rosy glow,
There's a store of healthiness handy.
Mite-size, always on the go,
If you want to know - "Arf", says Sandy.

Always wears a sunny smile,
Now, wouldn't it be worth the while,
If you could be,
Like Little Orphan Annie?

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